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Who is KULR and Why You Should Care

A Getting to know you look at KULR

If you have been in Fintwit for more than a few minutes, then you have heard Larry. He of course seems to be following everything, or knows somebody that is. Well he introduced me to KULR today. You need to know about them as well.

They are working with Tesla.

Let me cover a key point here... they are working with Tesla.

Batteries have a major challenge and that is heat. When you are charging, when they are discharging and just sitting there, heat is a major concern. The first generation of Nissan Leaf had cooling problems that in time reduced it's capacity. Tesla uses fans from a company called Modine (MOD) to make fans. If you have a Tesla, you will note that the fan on the car comes on after a few minutes of charging.

These companies can be the nice little niche in your portfolio. Most people don't know who these companies are, but if you are following Charge Talk, you know we love these 'make the magic happen' companies.

KULR handles heat sinks on the EV's. If you are unfamiliar with what a heat sink is then I will tell you real simply, they handle the heat from a process and spread it out. This allows it to dissipate away from the operation. This is normally done with metals like aluminum, but that adds weight.

Heat in a process is always a problem. As temperatures go up, conductivity changes. Heat also builds which in turn causes chemical breakdowns. We talked about Niobium helps handle some of that breakdown but we really do not want more heat, we want rid of it.

KULR has several products which insulate (important to mitigate thermal runaway), a thermal capacitor (to hold or release heat as necessary), parts to isolate the internal areas of the battery pack, and several other items.

Is heat an issue? Ask GM. This is a monster with them. I think there is a lot of clear water for these guys.

These guys are not just in the EV space either. They have been working with the Mars Rover. This is a serious problem with heat there.


In Summary

So... in summary. They work with Tesla and they keep heat under control. Oh, and their stock is around $2 right now (should have led with that).

Give Larry a follow @ExcaliburTrade , he found this little gem today.

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