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Who Is Borg Warner and Why You Should Care

One of those companies that you may not have heard of, but you will be glad you know it later

We do a lot of talk about EV's. On a recent spaces hosted by the Northwest Narrator Dana we spoke about numerous brands. We made a mistake, our agenda (which is a good thing) had too many items. Three and a half hours later we were hoarse and tired and felt like we barely touched half the brands. We also talk about the batteries. Microvast (MVST) is one of our favorites. Finally you know I love to talk about the metals.

Is that it though? Car, battery and we are done? Far from it. There is another part of electric cars that are just not looked at. The motor. The electric motor is critical in EV's. It provides the power, but if it is efficient then it can actually make the battery go further.

So many will say 'it's about the battery, it's about the battery' and that is important, but there are three ways to make a better EV. (1) Better battery, (2) Lighter car and (3) more efficient use of the energy. Number three is the one many people just don't think about. When electricity goes across a wire, it will loose energy through heat, so the shorter the wire the better. Earlier I talked about heat management through KOLR. What about that motor?

Borg Warner has been making car parts since around 1912. This is mainly for transmissions, but here is where they have to pivot to stay alive. They are an auto parts manufacturer that has had a name for a long time in the gears and the oiliest parts of the engine. In a world with out an internal combustion engine, where does that leave them?

One thing that make BWA unique is that they serve both the German and the Asian markets. In the Asian market they began transferring over to more electric products. This has led them to getting contracts with Ford making the integrated drive modules (iDM) for the Mach-E.

These units consist of the motor, gearing and heat control for the motors in the Mach-E. This experience and manufacturing capability will be called on again and again in the coming years.