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Tuesday Lithium Report - 9/28/2021

Our weekly digest of the stories in the Lithium Mining Industry

The developing story is the lagging stock prices to the rising commodity price. We saw late August as the highpoint for several of the big boys; our index hit 415.27. Now the index is 393.63, a 5% drop.

Meanwhile, we are looking at the rise in Lithium Hydroxide at ~$23,000 and Lithium Carbonate price at ~$22,000.

Props to Dez @Dez_Trading (give him a follow). He pointed to the story about Ford adding a plant in Tennessee somewhere near Memphis. This is about 3 and a half hour drive from Standard Lithium. Speculation? Sure, but that puts two battery plants near the young upstart.

Overall, there is still the basic story of a shortage of supply. It's only getting worse. Ford is your indicator, those prices are going up, up, up.

Of all the companies in our index, take a look at how steady SQM is. A steady climber. SQM is a big dog, no doubt but I think they might not get the love they deserve.

Lithium Americas has seemed to find it's support at $22-23. Waiting on further news about Thacker's Pass. There was a lawyer arrested this last weekend out there during a protest. Not sure it really much to consider. Don't lose site that LAC is not just Thacker's Pass. There is also a solar extraction in South America that will be coming on soon.

Watch SLI; still waiting that word that they are producing.

Piedmont Lithium PLL is stuck in the doldrums right now. If you have been listening to me you know I say that this stock has a range. Right now, we are near the bottom of that range.

I don't know how much the infrastructure bill will help here. Seriously, we thought it was going through in mid August. Now though, the market should push things higher. Unfortunately, there is an overall market confidence issue.

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