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Tuesday Lithium Report -8/31/2021

Your weekly update on the News in Lithium Mining

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Sunday night Sung (@meetsung) listed PLL on his list to play in trading. I thought to myself, 'Hey Sung, I'm not an options guy, but umm, there's no news on Piedmont out there so I think that price is going to stay pretty flat this week.'

I being polite send him a DM mentioning that PLL is on a wait and see with the mining moratorium in Gaston County. Always polite, he responded that he was seeing the charts. (The guy really is polite). So, imagine my surprise the next morning to see reports of Piedmont and Sayona Lithium acquiring North American Lithium and solidifying their production of Lithium Hydroxide in Ontario.

There you go. Piedmont really moved yesterday on the news. This is big for Piedmont. They have a location in James Bay and now add this, their assets in Canada are absolutely noteworthy.

Awaiting The Word From The Judge

There is other news too to keep an eye on that Sung did not beat me to the punch on. Lithium Americas (LAC) operation in Thacker's Pass is awaiting the ruling from the Federal Judge this week (by September 3). The stock has been headed up steadily lately, but this may see a hit after the ruling if positive or negative. Either way, this company is going to produce a lot of lithium in the US. Is this going to be the size of Greenbushes in Australia? No, but that's okay.

Albemarle (ALB) seems to want to climb back to those price levels it saw in late July and early August. They are the big dog, so...

The Merger to Build Number 4

The merger between Orocobre(OROCF) and Galaxy Resources is now complete. They will eventually be known as Allkem(not a fan) but move nicely into the number four spot of producers.

Direct Lithium Extraction

Standard Lithium (SLI) has been moving sideways lately. No news, save the shelf filing. Personally, I love this stock. Robert Mintak is kind of a folk hero of mine lately. Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) is big subject lately. Standard Lithium is the only operational one I know of. Yes, there is the hot brine operations in California and that which Vulcan Resources wants to do in Europe, but the proven one is here in the US in Arkansas.

The Quiet Ones

Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile(SQM) and Livent(LTHM) both have the 'Is it too late to Invest in ...' stories going on, but not much new. Two of the big four are absolutely silent much of the time.

That's our Tuesday Lithium Report.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this helps. Our goal at Charge Talk is to build understanding so you can understand what you are investing in. Any comments? Hit us up.

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