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Tuesday Lithium Report - 10/5/2021

Our digest of the stories you need to know about.

Today I got on the phone with Dana, you know the guy, and we were talking about why I keep saying I am waiting for the BIG news. That big news is that Standard Lithium is in production. We combed over the information out there, and we are due for this information.

This is a short TLR, but that is a lot like Tuesday a few weeks ago. There wasn't anything to really say. Then BOOM it happened the next day. Is it going to happen? Me saying that will probably inhibit any super occurrence.

I checked around on Levent (LTHM) and there was nothing I found, SQM seems to be quiet although people seem be waking up that there is money to be made there. (Captain Obvious). Orocobre is quiet and there is nothing new with LAC.

Dana did share today Biden saying that he was interested in domestic lithium. Let's see if it takes off tomorrow.

Really quick though, it is October 5, and that day is my daughter's birthday. Happy Birthday Morgan!

Update: SLI is running back up today. Funny...


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