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Tuesday Lithium Report - 10/26/2021

Our weekly synopsis of the things to know going on in the Lithium Mining space.

Standard Lithium

I hate when people bury the lead. Standard Lithium is pushing new ATH over and over. The trend is up. We are waiting the big news, but you know I don't know if there is a drop off after that news comes out.


The big dog in Lithium signed an agreement to add additional Lithium conversion capability in China. Albemarle is huge and this news just keeps the good news rolling. This conversion operation is yet another line of income.

United Lithium

Still very speculative, but they found huge Spodumene boulders in Denmark. This company really has a great right to compete element as there is little lithium in Europe. Problem with this whole thing is that this is very new in the process. I also do not know how hard it is to get permits in Denmark.


Both saw push on the trends of the stock market this week.

If you have any thoughts or questions, let me know. I will try and answer them. Dana and I are working hard to bring you a good product.

I want to direct your attention to the video we did on KULR. Not Lithium, but a tech play that supports batteries.


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