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Tuesday Lithium Report - 10/12/2021

Our weekly article that helps you understand some of the stories going on in Lithium mining.

What a difference a week makes. Heck, what a difference a DAY makes. LAC, SLI, LTHM and ALB are all up. PLL is back at $60 this morning. I said it on the index that the cost of Lithium and the Lithium miners are not aligned. Understand I have been married for 31 years, I am not used to being right.

We have been at a loggerhead. SLI is about to come on line. LAC has South America operations coming on line. PLL has been consolidating and buying companies, while Albemarle (ALB) is only the big dog and lithium prices are going up.

Any notes? Yes...

PLL has had some good news lately and the North Carolina project seems to be breaking free. This has been painful to watch from my perspective. I was born and raised in Appalachia, and they were hitting all the wrong notes. The stories of groups and the government coming in and pushing local people out are very old and part of the psyche. The idea of getting Milton Freedman to do a message before you speak directly with the locals is absolutely the wrong approach. They are working through this.

Standard Lithium (SLI) just published their Preliminary Economic Assessment this morning. It was absolutely positive. Take a look down below. I think that the OPEX being about 13% of revenue. WOW!!!!

I try to hold off talking like something is going to that large satellite orbiting Earth (I don't even want to say that because people will think I called it) but 30,000 tons at $20,000 is something that is amazing. This came out this morning.

Levent is also going up. With adoption of EV's going faster than expected, is any of this a surprise really?

Don't be surprised with a sell off tomorrow. My feeling is the CPI is going to be the best news. (no I don't know anything but let's face it, do you have to be psychic to guess it's going to be bad?) I personally plan on picking up more SLI on the dip tomorrow. (do the research too)