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Tuesday Lithium Report

Prices of Lithium continued to rise last week. We also got a taste of where the Lithium stocks

are heading, in one word: higher!

Check out the one-week growths last week.

ALB – 4.81%

GALXF – 9.86%

LAC – 25.81%

LTHM – 18.21%

PLL – 7.94%

SLI – 3.25%

SQM – 8.53%

That’s solid. That being all said, I expect a pull back and saw it on Monday. It’s not hard to

make a case for many of these companies.

We also reported that while we saw a rally from the Infrastructure Bill, take a look at the price

of Lithium Hydroxide (Blue) and Lithium Carbonate (Orange). More numbers that seem to be

rising higher and higher.

This rise in prices is huge. It drives home the factthat these companies need to get on the ball and get production rolling. Meanwhile, Chile is making that tough. Copper mine strikes in the country are also spreading to ALB ‘s lithium operations. ALB has said that they can operate for a time while the labor interruption is occurring. ALB also spoke that they have bromide rights in Columbia County Arkansas. This is next door to Standard Lithium in Union County. Will this translate into new opportunities for SLI? Probably not for a while if it does.

Another company with rights in Columbia County already operating Bromine operations is Tetra Technologies (TTI). Their Lithium possibility will be around 15,000 Metric Tons per year of Lithium Carbonate. Nothing new yet on the Thacker Pass project or Piedmont’s North Carolina operations. Make

sure you check in with us at Charge Talk for the latest.

One further note is in Afghanistan. Maybe you read about the major deposit there. My opinion

is that it better be super simple to get with amazing quality because anything less will be very

difficult to handle with all the problems of getting it out of there. Argentina, Chile, Ecuador,

Australia and the United States are all much more stable. If you have been seeing the images

coming out of there, you will understand what I mean.

My thoughts are that this will be a pullback week. Not that I would complain about another

week like last week, but let’s be real.

Further Note – This is my second TLR. Let me know what you think.

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