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Tuesday Lithium Report

Some days are the ones you dream about. Whether a trader or an investor, August 10, 2021 turned out to be just one of those days especially in the Lithium area. Is it just the enthusiasm of the Infrastructure Bill that passed today? Maybe, but there are some storylines you need to be aware of.

Piedmont Lithium $PLL

Piedmont Lithium was stymied with a mining moratorium in Gaston County North Carolina. Not a surprise here. The locals feel like outsiders have come into their neck of the woods and did not consult them. Don’t believe this is everyone, it’s probably not, but there are issues with deeds and concerns about noise pollution. This is a hard rock pit mine, so there will be noise.

Worst Case Scenario – Where there is smoke there is fire. It’s found that there was bad behavior. This could delay mining activity indefinitely.

What I expect – The issues will be ironed out. Explosives can only be used during certain times, and PLL becomes much more transparent. Either way, a delay.

Standard Lithium $SLI

TTI (Tetra Technical) who owns brine rights in the county next to Union County (Columbia) has

mentioned working with SLI to process their Li. This would be an additional 15,000 Tons per year taking SLI to 36,000 tons per year. I think this is encouraging because here is other oil and brine companies coming to SLI. Great job by Nathan one my followers on Twitter for seeing that SLI was added to the BATT ETF.

Lithium Americas $LAC

Not much new here. It’s in the courts. I am going to state that there is a lot of bad mining history at work here. Is this group’s complaints legit? I don’t know, but legit claims have not stopped mining in the west before. The problem is that if you are mining it, there I a market for it, ergo the country needs it and that overrules local objections. Like I said, there’s history here. Same as PLL, without the deed issues.

What is new is the attention it is getting. I’m not going to say price targets, because besides the obvious financial advice issue, I just don’t know. I was expecting the prices to rise some this year, but they are now leaving the stratosphere. Great if you have been into the mining Lithium investment idea, but 2021 was my year of expansion.

The rising price of Lithium is dusting off some delayed plans from 2019. I’m spending time building up a list of those other guys. Not the SQM or ALB; no, the Galaxy Resources and others. The ones that are hard hat and going.

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