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Tuesday (Evening) Lithium Report - 9/21/2021

Our weekly digest, (normally in the morning) of the week's lithium stories

Really nothing is that new. SQM settled their mining strike. There's that, but other than the prices of Chinese Lithium is through the roof I really don't have much to say.

PURE OPINION HERE. It's very, very quiet. (say it with me, 'TOO QUIET'). The prices are through the proverbial roof and yet no one is coming out and saying much. American Lithium (LIACF) has said they are getting better quality out of their clay sands and that they bought up a huge solar farm with lithium under it.

We are waiting on the SLI to announce they are shipping product. That would be really nice to report. Nope.

If there is any big news, know I will report it. I love bringing you good stuff, and when I find it out you will get it.

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