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The Ford EV Offering Is Strong, But Can It Get Stronger?

Introducing Ford F-150 Lightning, everything you come to expect from a truck, and more!

By Rob McCammon

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A Waffle House Vehicle

When my wife and I are driving about, we love our EV. It's a Red Tesla Model Y. The change from our Volvo S60 and Toyota Camry has been complete. I notice I am not alone and when we go through the local Starbucks drive-thru you see usually another Model 3, an X or even a Model S. That's normal.

That's not who I am though. I am someone who prefers the Waffle House, with their 'All-Star Breakfast'. Our car is not the normal fare there. In those small parking lots, it stands out, not normal at all.

This is important. In a world of the magical $169,000 cars, it's quick to forget just how small the percentage of all vehicles are EV's. The names of these amazing new EV cars roll off your lips like the word 'the'. That's a problem. You see, this is a fine example of an echo chamber. 'EV's are for the elites' is far easier to support than 'EV's will be driven by everyone by 2030'.

This is not an ANTI EV write up. On the contrary. This is about market penetration. We have had inexpensive (relatively) EV's out there, notably the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Spark, but did they crack the marketing problem? Not so much. The styling was not there. Plus, the largest market in the US is the pickup market.

In the end, we need an EV that looks just as natural in the Waffle House as it does at the Starbucks.

Ford Answers

Contrary to the Lucid or Tesla online communities, Ford has had a solid line of vehicles and this last year it went electric. For the real car fans, I will quickly note that the Model T did come in electric as well; but this is about modern times.

This one was is on display at the Ford museum in Michigan. Electric vehicles obviously did not win the first 'power the vehicle' wars along with steam. No, gasoline won and now 107 years after the car pictured, Ford is in EV's again.

Ford was (in this author's opinion) very brave in saying 'we are going to put our best brands into EV's'. This started with the iconic Mustang. You know a car is part of culture when it has ardent lovers and haters.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

This was followed by the E-Transit which starts trials on European roads. Check out this article!

One of the really cool design features is a hybrid (I know, we are talking EV's) that switches to strictly EV in Geo-fenced areas like downtowns. This has already tested successful in London. Ford here is incorporating tech into their EV's and that is what investors have come to expect and in the commercial space is required.

Finally though, what about the F-150. The F series pickups are a mainstay among American vehicle owners. Renowned for so many things, this vehicle is a phenom. Now, the Lightning is seeing crazy reservations; not from EV owners already but from truck owners. This truck still looks like the Ford branded trucks; which is important, and it hits price points as well as the Cybertruck and cheaper than the Rivian.

This is not a knock on the Tesla or the Rivian; rather this is a show of the big manufactures entering the pool. That price shown there had to be on par with Tesla and cheaper than Rivian, otherwise their loyal truck owners might stray.

I am amazed at the 'meh' attitudes toward the Mustang. It can charge 80% in 12 minutes. That's nothing to sneeze at. Also, the cars it is being compared to are (1) not in production, looking at you Lucid or (2) much, much more expensive. So while Lucid has 'mic drop' moments, the question is 'so?', Ford is actually hitting those notes without the fanfare.

People are noticing too. The production numbers of Ford are ramping up quickly. In the coming years that Mustang becomes even better, dual motor and two doors. Yeah... that's the Mustang we know.

Finally, one of the hottest models out there is the Ford Bronco. Not an EV....yet. CEO Farley hinted that 'Who says we can't?'

The Sexy Factor

Real problem is that people want sexy. But what is that? A four door sedan that you have to squint to tell if it a Genesis? Or possibly ANOTHER Audi look alike? Or... does heritage matter.

My thought is that people want 'the next Tesla' and as this is getting long, I am choosing to NOT go on that diatribe of how the times have changed.

Ford cars can and will break the market penetration problem. In the longer stretch, this far outweighs the 'sexiness' of other brands. There will be a market for those others but there is waiting consumers and NEED in the space Ford is in.

Later when I am eating my hashbrowns and bacon, sipping my Waffle House coffee, I will be more likely to see an F-150 Lightning or Mustang Mach E in the parking lot than a Lucid Air Dream Edition. That's fine, I'm more comfortable in my booth than with the pretentious crowd anyway.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this helps. Our goal at Charge Talk is to build understanding so you can understand what you are investing in. Any comments? Hit us up.

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