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Tesla Won't Take Chevy Bolts As Trade-ins.

Tesla says "NO THANK-YOU" for White House Favorite GM firebomb Spark!

By Rob McCammon

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A Vote of No Confidence

With the current state of batteries in the Chevy Bolt, this should not come as a surprise, but one future Tesla owner is reporting in a group that Tesla will not accept his Chevy Bolt as a trade-in.

I suppose this is no surprise at all, but let's face it, Tesla doesn't want this vehicle either. Just on safety concerns alone. This writer has mixed feelings about the person selling their picadillo, but who can blame them.

This is yet another black eye for GM here. Less visits to the White House to give advice to the President and more time learning how to make batteries will help. President Biden had invited GM to help build a future for EV's in the US. Tesla, Lucid, Faraday Futures and numerous other successful EV companies were left out.

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