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Lithium Quick Bits

Updated: Aug 23

By Rob McCammon (Twitter @RobMcCammon1)

Here we are starting the week of 8/23 and last week was the pullback we expected. With everything in the news, that was to be expected.

So, for the past three weeks we at Charge Talk have started a lithium index. Right now it is 7 companies. We track the stocks over the prior weeks. This is the ChargeTalk Lithium Index. (better naming may happen here).

Last week we saw a drop 8.98% for an index of 372.18, down from the booming week before of 408.90. I will say that this was much better than it would have been on Wednesday.

Last week saw everyone decline with Piedmont leading the way with -19% followed by SLI at -17.

The seven stocks we will be tracking are:

  1. ALB - Albemarle. Runs numerous operations world wide and the only active Lithium operation in the US.

  2. GALXF - Galaxy Resources. Technically a junior miner, but has three operations so they aren't too small.

  3. LAC - Lithium Americas. Thacker Pass will be the largest mine in the US if it is approved. They also have a mine in Argentina.

  4. LTHM - Formerly FMC Lithium. One of the big boys.

  5. PLL - Piedmont Lithium. Gaston County North Carolina Project

  6. SLI - Standard Lithium. DLE project in South Arkansas.

  7. SQM - A big producer from South America.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this helps. Our goal at Charge Talk is to build understanding so you can understand what you are investing in. Any comments? Hit us up.

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