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Green Light! Standard Lithium Announces Major Stride Towards Making Battery-Grade Lithium

Standard Lithium is a step closer to making battery-grade lithium to exploit the explosive lithium market and meet the needs of electric vehicles

By Dana Donovick | Co-Founder Disrupting & ChargeTalk

📧 Dana@Disrupting.news

Twitter: @DanaDonovick

Standard Lithium is not a mining company. In fact, they're disrupting the mining industry that's notoriously known for its negative environmental impact. Instead, the company is building a 150K acre facility in Arkansas where it will utilize a proprietary method for lithium extraction. Using petrochemical resources, the company is able to extract lithium directly from saltwater brine in the earth, and pump residual matter back into the ground. This process is the company's secret sauce, known as SiFT Technology, which produces the highest-purity (99.9%) battery-grade lithium compounds. It goes without saying that, the demand for lithium has always existed with consumer electronics like smart phones, tablets and computer, but with the rising interest in electric vehicles, lithium is one of the safest investments you can make.

On September 1st, Standard Lithium announced it had successfully installed a modular, fully automated lithium carbonate plant at it's El Dorado site in Arkansas.

"Our project execution efforts continue and with the final stages of commissioning and integration almost finished, we are now in the final stages of running the only continuous, 24/7 start-to-finish brine-to-carbonate plant in North America"

- Standard Lithium's COO and President, Dr. Andy Robinson