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DISRUPTING: A New Multimedia Focused on Disruptive Companies & Technologies

Dear Followers,

It’s with great excitement that I am able to announce that I’ve partnered with Dana to launch Disrupting, a new multimedia company that’s focused on disruptive companies and technologies. While I’ve enjoyed doing my own thing with my Twitter account (@TheStockCast), I see a bigger opportunity to drive more value and educational content for my followers by rebranding as Disrupting and launching this new platform, that now reaches beyond just Twitter and YouTube.

Today, Dana & I are adding Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to our social media presence, as well as launched our new podcast on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.

True to our mission of covering disruptive companies and technologies, we're excited to provide more than just a one dimensional podcast, but instead a network-like channel of different formats. This multi-format approach to our podcast & YouTube Channel will include things like:

  • Educational content for retail traders (chart analysis, insights, general investing concepts, etc.)

  • Exclusive interviews with prominent leaders and founders of disruptive companies

  • On-site experiences like our test ride of the Lucid Air Grand Touring with Derek Jenkins, SVP of Lucid Motors.

  • As well as episodes solely dedicated to covering company profiles, discussion panels with experts and other social media influencers, an educational mini series, and weekly market news discussion.

Providing all of this content is a lot of work, which is why Dana & I have partnered up to launch our multimedia venture. Today is just a soft launch of our new platform, but rest assured we're working around the clock to roll out new features and functions to our Disrupting website, capture great interview experiences, and share meaningful content to the retail investor community.

On top of the laundry list of exciting initiatives we are working on, we will be looking to expand our team in the near future with like-minded social media influencers and industry experts. This will include giving those correspondents their own identity on our platform where they can work with us to contribute their own content. More information on this is coming in July.

Lastly, we realize we can’t launch a multimedia platform without a exciting announcements, so I’m happy to share with you that on Tuesday, June 29th, we will be releasing a video experience of our team at Faraday Future headquarters where we will go for a ride in their new FF91 electric SUV. We also will be interviewing their CEO, Dr. Carsten Breitfeld and asking questions provided by you, our social media followers.

And as if that wasn’t exciting by itself, We will also be flying to Boston Massachusetts to tour Ginkgo Bioworks and interview co-founder and CEO Jason Kelly. That video experience will be released Wednesday, July 7th. Faraday Future & Ginkgo Bioworks are just two of several upcoming initiatives we're working on. We will be rolling out an event calendar on our website in early July so that our followers can keep up to date with everything we’re doing.

The next 30 days will be packed with a ton of great content, insights, interviews, podcasts..... so make sure to subscribe to our Disrupting YouTube Channel, as well as follow & connect with us on our NEW Disrupting social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions or general feedback you’d like to share with us, visit our new website: www.Disrupting.news/contact

Thank you for your continued support!

- Alex Cutler & Dana Donovick

Disrupting Podcast Channels:

Tonight: Live Discussion

Check out our video interview with their team, uploaded earlier today on YouTube!

  • Special Guests: Founders of Big Data Protocol

  • Where: Twitter Spaces

  • When: 5PM (PST), 8PM (EST)