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Charge Talk Lithium Index 9/19/2021

Our index is not tracking with the Lithium Market...

So, on Friday Pilbera Minerals $22,000. Well, that just happened. This is the crazy market that the supply that is out there is getting grabbed as quick as possible. We have covered it over and over, supply is short and appears to be in great demand. So the stocks should be going crazy, right?

Not so fast. SLI had a good week and LAC seems to be rising at a very steady rate, but ALB is down and LTHM has cooled off. What does that mean? Well, September is typically a month of 'meh', so there's that, and possibly this is a dip that we buy at... your call there. Either way, that drop by the big guy (ALB) we saw an overall drop of 3.73%.

Look forward to the Tuesday Lithium Report on (wait for it) Tuesday. I'll be covering the big stories out there.

Any thing you want to know? Hit me up.

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