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Charge Talk Lithium Index - 10/4/2021

Charge Talk's Weekly Index that tracks the Lithium Mining Market.

2 cents. When you are looking at SLI you see a measly two cent difference from last week. What's hidden there behind a small environmental footprint is they hit an ATH this week. No worries, I am expecting that announcement that they are in production and then we won't be talking just two cents.

Overall, I think the 'we had an agreement' then 'wait, I want more' thing going on in Congress completely inhibited many of these guys. That's okay, several of them had good news (wink to Piedmont who may have finally started getting somewhere with their local County Commission).

One last piece of business. Thank you guys. I get people DM'ing me on questions from these articles. I love it, it means a lot. I will try to live up to you guys.

DM me. I make an effort to write back, after all, you guys are reading my stuff and that means everything.

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