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8/30/21 ChargeTalk Lithium Mining Index

Our Index of Seven Lithium Mining Stocks that we are tracking over time.

Let's face it, Friday's 'nothing to see here' speech by the Fed saved a week of 'meh'. The index overall went up 6.32% with LAC leading the charge at 11.14% SLI is still in correction and trying to find support down 13.14%. ALB was up 7.17%, climbing back, but still down 2.1% from the August 9 price of $236.65.

This week we have removed GALXF. Galaxy Resources merged with Orocobre and will eventualy be named Allchem.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this helps. Our goal at Charge Talk is to build understanding so you can understand what you are investing in. Any comments? Hit us up.

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